First Baptist Dallas Broadcast Studio

Dr. Robert Jeffress is the Senior Pastor of the 12,000 member First Baptist Church of Dallas in Dallas, Texas, where he has served since August of 2007. In 2013, First Baptist Dallas opened their new $130 million dollar sanctuary, marking the beginning of a new era and the end of one of the largest church construction projects in history. In 2013 Paragon 360™ also renovated the old historic sanctuary as the new home of First Baptist Dallas’ contemporary services. In 2015, as part of their continued expansion, budgets and plans were approved for a new broadcast studio set for their state of the art, in house television studio.

First Dallas contracted Paragon 360™ in 2015 for the design, construction, and installation of the new, permanent broadcast studio set for the Pathway to Victory production, hosted by Dr. Jeffress. The new set allows the First Dallas media ministry to consistently shoot Pastors’ in’s and out’s on a regular basis without having to rent equipment. The set was also designed in a way that allowed it to be used on a weekly basis for many other production needs outside of those pertaining to Pathway to Victory.

Initial conversations and meetings with First Baptist Dallas suggested that they were looking for a set that was very versatile and would feel like something between a study and a FOX News set. The modular, aluminum framed, curved set with interior illumination and accent LED lighting is approximately 10’ tall x 36’ wide. The LED lighting allows for limitless flexibility and versatility. The set features a fully framed rotating 80” box in the center with a Pathway to Victory logo on one side and an 80” 4K high definition display on the other side. The display aides greatly in the church’s ability to do branding for the church, their productions, and products.

The end columns also feature the compass pointer from the church’s logo in an architectural treatment that is front lit top and bottom to reveal its texture. The curved set and it’s various textures and finishes allow it to be used in multiple shots with different angles so that various shows can have different looks all on the same set. A custom made product table included an embossment of their logo on the top and the legs of the table were made to look like the same north/south pointer. Frosted, acrylic shelves were created to feature product. Also included was a custom made floor mat to be seen by jib cameras that again features their logo.

The new set was completely pre-assembled in the shop prior to transport to Dallas and was installed in two days. The first shoot on the new set happened only two days after installation was complete.

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