First Baptist Church Saint Charles

First Baptist Church St. Charles, MO was started in 1945. They built a 650 seat sanctuary in 1985. House-lighting had gotten to be a real problem from a maintenance and cost stand point. There were issues with getting to fixtures for constant lamp replacement. There were issues with the age of the units which was causing more frequent outages. The room needed to be brighter and there was coverage issues. There were issues surrounding the aging dimming system.

The church contacted Paragon 360 for some assistance. Paragon completed a complete renovation of the house lighting systems in September of 2011. “The problems that were being experienced by this church are the same problem that we see with many churches daily” explains Donnie Brawner, Paragon CEO. “The house-lighting system is one of the most under designed elements of most older sanctuaries and unfortunately even many of the newer ones as well.”

Paragon suggested the use of LED house-lighting on this particular project. Paragons lighting designer Ron Robertson explained “the LED solution does not work every time and in every situation. However, it is becoming more and more viable every day. In this case we were able to increase the intensity in the room by over 20 foot-candles as well as increase the coverage, lower the power consumption and limit the need for access by illuminating lamp changes. The LED fixtures also allowed for a more contemporary and fresh look in the space that the church was very excited about.”

The system included (86) LED units for house-lighting, additional LED units for the lighting of the stain glass window and lighting of the ceiling. In addition, a wireless data system and upgraded architectural control options were added. The house light levels went from 7 foot-candles with the older system to over 27 foot-candles with the newer system. Also included in the package was upgraded circuit distribution and rigging for the main front stage lighting position.

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