FBC Marco Island


The new Family Church of Marco Island, Florida opened its doors in April 2008. Paragon 360 was hired in May of 2006 to design the sanctuary and technical aspects of other rooms throughout the worship space. Paragon’s turn-key services included preliminary budget analysis, complete design and consultation services. As the Church’s design/build partner, Paragon 360 provided the seating layout, sightline studies, ceiling structure design, acoustics, staging design, and the overall sanctuary layout. Paragon also secured all equipment and directed installation of lighting, sets, audio, video, and digital signage.

The 500 seat auditorium includes a professional audio system consisting of Electro-Voice and EAW components in addition to a distributed speaker system throughout the facility inside and out. The lighting system incorporates conventional lighting, moving fixtures, and LED lighting to offer ultimate flexibility for theatrical presentations or broadcast production. The high definition video system feeds live and pre-produced content to three IMAG screens and digitally records program material for post production. The system includes an operator-controlled camera, two remote-controlled cameras, and a full video edit suite. The motorized rigging system enables staging flexibility with multiple battens for stage electrics and scenic pipes. Digital signage plasma displays are installed throughout the facility and driven via a matrixed high definition content server. Electronic Media systems that interface with the Edit Suite were also incorporated in children’s areas, youth rooms and fellowship halls.

For scenic flexibility and vibrant color backgrounds, a three dimensional custom wall unit was designed with LED lighting. The LED lighting allows for rich color saturation without the power consumption, lamp replacement and maintenance costs of standard lighting.  A multi-dimensional cross with interior LED white light neon was built that travels in and out and can be used at anytime. In addition there is a 16’ X 9’ center video screen unit that travels.  The stage battens are designed full stage so that the cross or center screen can be removed for the addition of drops, curtains or soft-sets for special events or message series.

A full stage curtain can be drawn to facilitate weddings, funerals or special meetings without effecting the stage setup for Sunday services. The ceiling over the stage is acoustically transparent and provides a visual surface that is back lit with LED color changing fixtures. This works with the back wall for endless color options and message toning. Paragon 360 also designed an acoustic island ceiling over the entire auditorium which acts as a masking device for the front lighting positions, audio speakers and house lights. The custom ceiling together with specified sound-dampening wall panels resulted in outstanding acoustics in the Sanctuary.

The entire 500 seat sanctuary space was designed by Paragon 360 with the goal of intimacy, flexibility, and future expansion in mind. Road show or parking lot special event power was designed into the system. The church has the capability to do television broadcasts, stage productions, concerts or intimate live services in the feel of a small space with the technology of the largest space.

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