Family Church Naples

In the fall of 2010, The Family Church of Marco Island led by Senior Pastor Tim Neptune purchased 67 acres of land in Naples Florida which was formerly First Assembly Ministries. The Family church had been planning a secondary Naples campus and this space fit the bill. A group of members from the church, including Campus Pastor Ben Sprankle, sensed God’s prompting to relocate to Naples to start a new ministry and begin serving the surrounding communities. The church began meeting on the campus in the summer of 2011.

Paragon 360 built the initial Family Church main campus on Marco Island in 2008 which included a 500 seat sanctuary complete with state of the art audio, video, and lighting systems, stage sets, acoustics, rigging, and house-lighting systems. “With the worship space at Marco being beautifully designed and constructed by the team at Paragon and because of those personal connections made during that process it was only natural to seek Paragon’s help with the second campus” stated Ben Sprankle.

Paragon has been a partner with the Family Church in the development of this 67 acres into a new concept for ministry which is a multi-year project. However, the first step was to get church open on the property in one of the existing buildings. Sprankle said “The second campus at Naples had tremendous obstacles to overcome, the main one being cost.

There were four separate buildings and over 15,000 square feet of space that needed to be re-opened and there were several renovations to the building that was going to be used as the sanctuary space. “We were working with a launch budget of only $83k. Paragon, armed with their expertise and servants’ hearts’, tackled the project of creating a worship area with staging, video and lighting packages that fit the Family Church’s budget and truly exceeded our expectations” said Sprankle.

The production equipment for the current room that was transformed into a sanctuary for this temporary space was under $30,000 installed and delivered. The video system included a 10’ wide 16X9 aspect ratio motorized video screen for video venue style services, a switcher and wall mounted plasma televisions. The lighting system included (6) ellipsoidal lighting units as the main front light with Chauvet dimming and (5) Chauvet LED lights illuminating a 9’ X 24’ graphic panel set wall designed and created by Paragon.

Tim Neptune explained “Our first strategic partner in the larger Venue Naples project was Paragon 360 based out of Springfield, MO. We have worked with them since 2006 and now have them on board for this new project.  Their team has helped birth the vision for this new project and will be key partners in the design and development of the entire Venue Naples campus. They have been on board since August 2010. Design plans are under-way for the phase one project and in the planning stages for the entire project scope.”

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