Faith Chapel Christian Center

Faith Chapel Christian Center (FCCC) attended WFX in 2011 and spent time visiting with Paragon 360™ about a potential, multi-phased stage renovation project. FCCC is a non-denominational Christian mega-church located in Birmingham, Alabama which was started in 1981 in the living room of Pastor Michael D. Moore. The church now has two campuses: their 3,000 seat dome campus in which the main services are held and their older campus which houses youth services and administrative offices. FCCC is one of the largest churches in Birmingham at 4,000 members.

The project at FCCC consisted of a stage renovation of multiple different staging and scenic elements that improved the look and functionality of the space for the live service but also for the television product. The Orchestra Pit was filled in with Paragon 360’s own signature modular staging allowing for more stage floor space for FCCC’s many productions. The floor was modular however it could be pulled out again in the future. Paragon 360™ also designed scenic I-Walls (Illuminated Walls) for the camera one background behind the Pastor and areas under the side video screens which were also in multiple side camera shots.

The front stage facing was also replaced with an illuminated stage cap that ran the distance across the front of the stage providing continuity between the scenic elements. The newly added stage front also covered existing steps that ran across the front of the stage. The steps were replaced with new illuminated modular steps that can be placed anywhere along the front. With the orchestra being moved out of the pit there was a need to organize the band on the main stage area with several of Paragon 360’s platforms. Paragon 360™ also included two of their DE-360 Squared Drum Enclosures to control the sound of the drums and percussion. Additional stage lighting was brought in to better illuminate the stage area for the live experience and television adding over 100 ETC ellipsoidals.

Business Administrator Michael Moore explains the church’s mission of their renovation. “There was a desire to appeal to a broader, more diverse audience and reach more people in our community in more effective ways” Moore said. “Our weekend service is the primary tool of influence that we have so we saw this renovation as a tool to enhance our message and expand our reach and influence.”

“What attracted us Paragon 360 was that they were a team helping teams. They were a team of individuals who knew the industry; who knew their trade, but their purpose was to help Ministry teams to accomplish what God has called them to do. Paragon 360 wasn’t just focused on audio or video or stage design. They brought all the comprehensive elements that you would need for worship sanctuary design which was very attractive to us” said Moore.

The project was completed in early September of 2011 with one week of installation.

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