Broadmoor Baptist Church

Paragon 360 was contracted in early 2011 for a sanctuary stage renovation project for Broadmoor Baptist Church in Shreveport, LA.

One of the main requests was to create a new camera one background for the television image. The idea was to create a scenic element that separates the choir loft, from the stage level orchestra, with a wall unit that would allow for a more contemporary and flexible look, so that the background was more controlled. Paragon 360’s solution once again turned to its very own I-Wall system. The Illuminated wall provided by Paragon 360 allows for infinite color possibilities while allowing for a branding experience, with the ability to be able to change graphics on the wall on a regular basis. The wall was also designed with wood elements that could tie into the existing sanctuary. The wall had to be very carefully designed from a height stand point as not to cut off choir members from the audience view but also be tall enough for the camera one shot to only include the wall and not partial wall/choir.

The required height of the main I-Wall also meant that the entire existing choir loft had to be raised a few inches throughout. With that re-building of the choir loft we also relocated the Organ platform and several other positions for band members. The project also consisted of a custom drum enclosure, modesty walls downstage, I-Wall units positioned upstage right and left, 35’ custom tower units surrounding a center video screen, a new covering on the front side of the baptistery, an extended stage area downstage right and left, and a new stage facing around the front of the stage. The last element included a re-facing of the existing organ chamber speaker cloth.

All of the illuminated set elements included LED lighting. The set was designed and installed over a three month time period on a two week installation with completion on May 20, 2012.

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