Paragon 360® Products

Custom Environments with Innovative Solutions

There are a multitude of challenges that today’s church come in contact with in trying to meet and welcome today’s culture. From traditional services to blended, and contemporary to the video venue; it’s a challenge in this day and age to find the most successful way to introduce God’s Word to the lost. It’s also a challenge for many churches to create different looks for different services without extensive workloads. Paragon 360® has made a commitment to keep their fingers on the pulse of America’s church, and to develop tools that start addressing these challenges head on.

Paragon 360® designs and builds two styles of Drum Enclosures that set the benchmark in the Audio Industry. Paragon’s modular staging system is a game changer for stage flexibility in church spaces across the country. Our modular staging system has been used as main stages, choir riser systems, thrust platforms, stairs, and stage extensions in Houses of Worship from coast to coast.

Paragon 360® designs, fabricates, delivers, and installs highly-configurable and fully-customizable staging, scenic units, and architectural elements. The functionality is perfect, the craftsmanship top shelf, and the creative solutions save you time and money.

Paragon 360® is a distributor and licensed installer for FabriTRAK® systems, the industry leading acoustical wall and ceiling solution since 1977.

We have put the teams in place – from custom designers & product specialists to one-of-a-kind fabricators & top notch installation crews – to deliver innovative, cost-effective, and flexible solutions for today’s market. We see ourselves as the conduit between the platform and the congregation. Contact us today for your project needs!