Modular Cubes

Paragon 360™ created our unique Modular Cubes to be used as sectional staging, towers or versatile scenic elements. The modular units answer the need for quiet, flexible staging in churches, theaters, and nearly any performance space. The units can be stacked, lit and wrapped in a variety of finish options and powder coated colors. The units can be used to create multi-level stages, choir risers, band platforms, thrust elements or used as scenic components.

Product Features Include:

  • The platforms are built from aluminum construction for maximum strength and reduced weight. The frame and legs are made from welded aluminum extrusions. The extruded frame has a unique design feature in that it not only protects the top surface but it also allows each platform to interlock/nest to each other for stacking, storage and design versatility.
  • Our Modular Cube standard sizes are 36”W X 36”D or 40”W X 40”D or 48”W X 48”D making them perfectly square. The units are available in 12”, 24”, 36”, 48”, 60” and 72” height increments. Custom sizes and irregular shapes can also be ordered anytime.
  • Cube surfaces consist of ¾” plywood with standard low pile carpet in gray or black. Tops are also available in 1” frosted plexi-glass surface for lower interior lighting.
  • Paragon’s Modular Cubes are engineered and rated for 1,150 lbs per cube. If high point loads are required, cubes with additional bracing can be special ordered.
  • Paragon’s Modular Cubes are as aesthetically attractive as they are functionally flexible. The units feature external treatments that can include printed graphics or vinyl wraps that can include black, white, billet grille, wood grains and more. The units can also have milk glass inserted with printed graphics applied directly to the milk glass allowing for stunning backlit effects.

Available Options Include:

  • The cubes can be powder coated to match any interior trim in almost any color.
  • Paragon 360™ offers railings that can house acrylic inserts that can contain etched patterns, logos and graphics as desired. Railings can also feature museum mounts and wood tops for a more finished, contemporary look.
  • Paragon 360™ also offers leveling kits for the modular cubes to address the likelihood of an un-level floor. These kits can be added to any cube size for an additional cost.
  • Paragon 360™ also offers a Modular Cube Bridge unit. This piece is made of the same extruded aluminum frame as the standard modular cubes and the top rail is the exact same dimensions. The only difference is, the bridge unit does not have leg supports. It is intended to be used to span the distance between two full modular cubes. The bridge simply bolts to standard modular cube pieces. This allows for a larger stage surface area without having to have quite as many full cubes. The bridge units are less expensive than the entire modular cube. This makes a larger stage more cost effective.

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