PARAGON 360 has created a line of Drum Enclosures
 to help churches, schools and entertainment venues with sound isolation of the drum-set. Our enclosures offer acoustical separation between instruments onstage or in a studio environment. This helps to reduce bleed over of the drums into vocal or instrument microphones which lowers volume and allows much better audio control. Our enclosures are designed to be attractive and blend into stage environments.

Paragon totally re-designed its original circular drum enclosure during the summer of 2012.  The improved & redesigned DE-360 Enclosures feature many new amenities including a new Lexan material that is cleaner, stronger and eliminates cracking. The units also offer better acoustic qualities, larger doors, an evenly spaced and cleaner pillar system, ventilation, smarter floor pockets, lockable casters, powder coating, multiple trim options including printed UV graphics and much better acoustical material.

The NEW DE-360 units were also designed to be modular allowing for individual pieces to be purchased one at a time. This innovative, cost effective solution allows you to start with a single sided drum shield with a ceiling and at a later time purchase the 2nd half creating a complete circular enclosure. Both halves can then be added to a carriage/base unit that features floor pockets, vent registers and casters creating the complete DE-360! This allows our clients looking for cost effective solutions to get into some level of drum isolation for minimal cost. (See illustration bottom left)   

The NEW DE-360 units started shipping in June 2012.   

Why do we make drum enclosures? Is it because we have (4) drummers on staff? Is it because we think drummers should be in a cage and we are trying to help? Is it because drummers are so special that they need their own bubble? Maybe it's because everything else on the market (that is sitting on church stages all over the country) is just PLAIN UGLY or very expensive....or both!

Our goal at PARAGON is to provide real solutions to churches in regards to audio, video, lighting, sets, staging, acoustics and over-all production capabilities. The Paragon Drum Enclosures solve several acoustical and audio issues. It's just another SMART solution offered by Paragon!  

Call PARAGON 360 today for pricing information at (417) 823-7282. PARAGON has been created to bring an entirely new level of creativity, service and accountability to the industry. Areas of expertise include audio, video, lighting, rigging, scenic, acoustics, staging, space planning & general theatrical consultation. We design, sell, warranty, install, train and commission. See Our Highlight Video!

Check out the DE-360, the DE-360 squared, the DE-180 and DE-320

DE-180 Data Sheet
DE-320 Data Sheet
DE-360 Data Sheet
DE-360 Squared Data Sheet