The best-selling DE-360 Drum Enclosure by Paragon 360


Product Features Include:

  • The DE-360 units offer a wide 3’-0” door at the rear of the unit for easy loading and unloading of personnel and equipment. The unique design also limits the amount of support pillars required, improving the see-through nature of the units.
  • The DE-360 enclosure is 7′-0” diameter x 6′-9” tall and designed to fit through a standard 6’-11” doorway. The enclosure weighs 432 pounds assembled. The enclosures are made up of two halves bolted together and mounted onto a carriage unit that can be easily taken apart to store or transport.
  • Framing is aluminum construction for maximum strength at a reduced weight including industrial grade casters that can be locked from the outside for ease of quick moving without disrupting drum setup inside enclosure. The 1/8” clear polycarbonate shield provides a crystal clear view into the unit, an almost unbreakable enclosure, improved acoustics and virtually prevents cracking. Ceiling rails inside the enclosure can be used for the mounting of overhead microphones and LED Lights.
  • Carriage flooring includes a high voltage & low voltage floor pocket in the rear corners. The high voltage floor pocket contains a quad box with 25’ power cord that exits out the back. The floor also contains two (2) air register booster fans that create air flow thru the enclosure. Standard Enclosures include black low pile carpet.
  • Enclosures are lined with an acoustic baffling material which provides excellent acoustical separation and absorption. The material covers the entire ceiling, wraps the unit 10” up from the floor and 6” down from the ceiling. The units offer a 35 dB drop inside to outside. Certain frequencies note an even larger drop. The new units feature a magnetic door closure that seals the unit quietly.
  • The see-through design of the DE-360 allows for the background to be clearly seen making the unit a very compatible fit on any stage environment. Standard enclosure frames are powder coated in either black or silver. The enclosures feature a decorative vinyl top and bottom trim banding that mask the interior components. The top 6” band and the bottom 10” band come standard in a wide range of solid colors making it the most attractive enclosure on the market.

Available Options Include:

  • An additional 2nd door can be added to the front of the DE-360 units for quicker and easier access by the audio team for drum microphone setup and wiring. Because the frame pillars are evenly spaced all around the enclosures, the 2nd door does not change the look of the enclosure.
    The rear door can be relocated to a side door on the right or left if required for stage spacing.
  • Video-friendly, batch tested LED lighting can be added to the inside of the enclosure for better illumination of the drummer and drum kit. The optional LED lighting package includes the light, power and data cable, pre-installed if ordered at the time of purchase.
  • Upgraded vinyl options for the top & bottom banding include stainless steel, various wood-grains, coppers, nickel, billet grille, milk glass, metallic or even printed graphics to include logos or other images provided by the purchaser.
  • Custom color powder coating is available.
  • Additional acoustic baffling can be added by request


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