Drum Enclosures


Paragon 360™ has created a line of Drum Enclosures to help churches, schools, and entertainment venues with sound isolation of the drum kit. Our enclosures offer acoustical separation between instruments onstage, or in a studio environment. This helps to reduce bleed over of the drums into vocal or instrument microphones, which lowers volume and allows much better audio control. Our enclosures are designed to be attractive, allowing them to blend into stage environments.

Paragon’s Enclosures feature a lexan material that is clean, strong, and eliminates cracking. The units also offer excellent acoustic qualities, large doors, an evenly spaced and clean pillar system, ventilation, smart floor pockets, lockable casters from the outside (so you don’t have to move drum hardware), quiet closing doors, powder coating, multiple trim options, and much better acoustical material than competitors.

Our goal at Paragon 360™ is to provide real solutions to churches in regards to audio, video, lighting, riggingsets, staging, acoustics and over-all production capabilities. The Paragon 360™ Drum Enclosures solve several acoustical and audio issues. It’s just one of many solutions offered by Paragon 360!

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“Paragon led the way in helping us create this new environment. They certainly know the language of the church culture. The fact that they did it all, turn-key, allows for more of a partnership between the church and Paragon.” – Alan Floyd, Senior Pastor, Cottage Hill Baptist Church