“Paragon 360 gets today’s church. With a church trying to gap between an older generation and a younger generation, but really trying to bring those two together to have a meaningful worship atmosphere – they really get it.”
Brian Stowe, Pastor, First Baptist Church Plant City, Plant City, FL

“If there’s a client that’s looking to partner with Paragon, I’d like to tell you it is a partnership. The men work with integrity, they work with character, they do what they say they’re going to do, they do it on time, and they walk with the King, and I would encourage you to look no further. If you’ve done your due diligence and it’s brought you this far, just choose Paragon and get to work. It’s the right thing to do.”
David Briggs, Administrative Pastor, Crossgates Baptist Church, Brandon, MS

“With Paragon, we were able to capture for less than a million dollars everything that we had dreamed of for $7 – $10 million without rebuilding our sanctuary. It’s amazing. We may take the new sanctuary out of our master plan because of the quality of what we got for less than a million dollars. We probably have saved $7 – $10 million in the long run.”
Patrick Mead, Pastor, First Southern Baptist Church, Bryant, AR

“At Paragon everything is about the why.  What are we going to do and why? If we were going to spend money on a project, what was the ministry goal? What was it going to accomplish and did it make a difference in the way we communicated the gospel and worshiped the Lord.”
Mark Blair, Minister Of Music, Bellevue Baptist Church

“The services that Paragon 360 offers are mind boggling. They’re not just a casual shop. In other words, sometimes you get to be a jack of all trades and a master of none. Well, they are a jack of all trades and a master of all. And I’ve seen it. When it comes to video, lighting, audio, set design, booth displays – whatever it is, Paragon 360 is as good as it gets.”
David Sneed, Advertising Director, Vexus Boats

“Paragon once again exceeded expectations. Having worked with Paragon to remodel the auditorium at Seminole Baptist, I was confident they would provide an innovative A/V solution to meet CSI’s communication and training requirements. Their team is professional, technically skilled, and listened to our requests. Paragon has proven why they have a great reputation in the industry.”
Joe Reynolds, President, Central States Industrial

“One of the joys for us in working with Paragon is that they knew the business. We leaned heavily on their knowledge, their expertise, and their talent to help us in our decision making.”
Don Baier, Senior Pastor, Seminole Baptist, Springfield, MO

“Paragon led the way in helping us create this new environment. They certainly can relate to what we needed and they know the language of the church culture. The fact that they did it all, turn-key allows for more of a partnership between the church and Paragon.”
Alan Floyd, Senior Pastor, Cottage Hill Baptist Church

“With our commitment to having blended worship and modern worship, we don’t have hours between services – we have minutes. And to try to communicate a different atmosphere but worshiping the same God, they (Paragon 360) helped us do that quickly. Which has really helped us reach a demographic that we were having a hard time reaching.”
Brian Stowe, Pastor, First Baptist Church Plant City

“It’s not just important to tell Paragon 360 what you’re looking for, but it’s also important to listen to Paragon 360. What they had to share with us was very valuable in our journey.”  
Rick Thompson, Pastor, Council Road Baptist Church

“We went to our good friends that we’ve worked with for many years at Paragon 360. They’re an extension of our team in so many ways, and they quickly understood what we were desiring to have, and I’m so pleased with the end result. This display wows this industry. It’s a mirror image of the product and the technology and the innovation that we’ve put into it.”
Keith Daffron, President, Vexus Boats

“Paragon’s re-design has been a dramatic change for us, and our congregation has been wowed by it to say the least. In fact, when people saw it for the first time, mouths dropped open. It’s beautiful, it’s modern, it’s fresh, and our entire congregation has been very pleased with it.”
Jeff Jackson, Senior Pastor, First Redeemer Church

“I would recommend Paragon 360 above anyone else. They’re top-notch. They brought about a vision and a set of values and gave life to it. We came in with an idea of wanting to do just certain things, and they really brought that to its fruition. I would recommend them above any other, and I would tell people if you use Paragon, you’re going to be pleased with it for years to come.”
Ryan Palmer, Senior Pastor, South Haven Baptist Church

“We chose Paragon 360 for this project because we really felt like they had a good concept of what was happening in churches today and what we needed in our situation.”
Trent Blackley, Minister of Music, First Baptist Rockwall, Rockwall, TX

“There’s really no other company that can take all the aspects of a worship center – the scenic, the lighting, the audio, the video – and move it together in such a pattern and a synergistic way to where it becomes just so easy to use it to engage people in worship. It’s just a powerful thing.”
David Oliver, Worship Pastor, Crossgates Baptist Church, Brandon, MS

The transformation that has taken place in the Worship Center at Central is beyond our imagination. There have been many positive comments about the new look.
Darrell Spigner, Associate Pastor of Worship Ministries at Central Baptist Conway

“Renovating a room on a shoestring budget is plenty challenge enough; renovating a 124-year-old sanctuary protected on the national historical registry, under the watchful eye of generations of long-time members, and needing to make it palatable for a growing contemporary worship service is just ridiculous. However, that’s exactly what Paragon 360 took on with us at First Baptist Dallas. The end product is a room with smooth sound, flexible lighting, and a great vibe that satisfies everyone from the rockin’ band on Sunday morning to the upscale wedding the night before.”
Bryan Bailey, Director of Media & Production, First Dallas

“Paragon 360 was the right solution for our new house-lighting needs. They completely understood our problems, our budget, our limitations and our expectations. They delivered on every aspect of the project, met our technical needs and helped us plan for the future with professionalism, excellence and integrity.
Alan Davis, Worship Pastor, Glendale Christian Church, Springfield, MO

“Paragon is a team helping teams. They bring extensive knowledge of the industry but their purpose is to help ministry teams to accomplish what God has called them to do. It takes partnership to accomplish anything great and we saw Paragon as a crucial partner in this process. They were our tour guides, and stayed with us from start to finish making sure we got the best result possible.”
Michael K. Moore, Administrator, Faith Chapel Christian Center

“Paragon 360 made it all happen for us. Starting with the big picture of what was important to us as a church, working down to the last detail of installation and training, Paragon 360 exemplifies true Christian sensitivity, character, and faithfulness to Gospel call. While they are a Christian business we are hard pressed not to view them as a Christian ministry to churches in the 21st century.”
Jeff Crawford, Pastor, Grand Avenue Baptist Church, Ft. Smith AR

“Paragon, I think, understands better than anyone else out there what churches are looking for. But they also have a deep appreciation for the heritage and the history of a church. They were able to take those things that we wanted to keep and to treasure, but also brought a lot of new, modern elements to it, and brought it together in a perfect blend that just created a product in the end that we felt so confident in.”
Ryan Palmer, Senior Pastor, South Haven Baptist Church

“I wanted to say thanks and commend your team. Things went very well last week. Everyone here was very pleased with how things went, and especially with the final results. Our sound system is now vastly improved. Your guys were a pleasure to work with and very professional. Thank you for a job well done.”
Dan Arnold, Facilities Manager, Sight & Sound Theatre

“Paragon 360 worked with us in the beginning to find out not only what kind of technical requirements we would be looking for but also what was the experience going to be like in the space. What was the worship DNA of our church? I can tell you that they accomplished the objectives. Everyone in our church and those that have visited have all been very impressed with the worship experience, the design of the space, the audio, lighting and visual capabilities. Not only did we get superior technical solutions but the manner in which we got it was always excellent. The result is outstanding.”
John Hunter, Executive Director, Covenant Presbyterian Church, Naples FL

“Your experience, knowledge and fluid ‘got-it-covered’ handling of so many aspects of our new product unveiling continues to deliver the perfect atmosphere for our functions. Ranger is still getting compliments and accolades related to the entire event and especially the opening night’s presentation. Combined with the exceptional show display you created, Paragon 360 is the ideal partner for our business functions and special events. Thank you, again, for always going the extra mile. Your team of professionals is unmatched and we’re proud to have such a long history of including you with the Ranger Family.”
Keith Daffron, Vice President Sales, Ranger Boats, Inc

“From the first interview to the final product, I was aware of Paragon360’s understanding of the church, and knowledge of their craft. They helped us design sound, lighting, video and staging that would uniquely serve our church and ministry. Their prompt and professional response has always been just a phone call or email away, even after the installation was completed!”
Jeff Askew, Worship Pastor, Liberty Baptist Church, Hampton VA

“It has been a pleasure to work with PARAGON 360 in creating a completely new worship center for our church. Their professional ingenuity created a completely unique product for our church. I was extremely pleased with the way they used their creative abilities to match our own environment.”
Carl Setterlind, Worship Pastor, Biltmore Baptist Church, Asheville NC

“We welcomed Donnie Brawner to our team in 2001, and he has been an absolute God Send to what we are doing here at Prestonwood Baptist Church.”
R. Todd Bell, Minister Of Music & Worship, Prestonwood Baptist Church

“After putting Paragon to work, within a few short weeks we had our first design concepts which was perfect for our church. We were amazed that just in that short amount of time paragon was able to capture our heart, our passion and our vision for ministry. This was not a small project, it was a complete renovation top to bottom.”
Chad Smith, Worship Pastor, First Southern Baptist Church, Bryant AR

“During my first experience with Paragon, I was concerned about quality. But they deliver an impeccable product! Paragon is never satisfied with where they are. They are always steeping up their game and creating new and innovative ways to make things happen for the church. The difference is, they really do care.”
Mark Maier, Assoc Pastor Of Worship/Music, FBC Rogers, AR

“Paragon was very helpful in designing a modular stage extension for our unique stage. Even when we had gotten some measurements wrong, Paragon was extremely willing to do whatever possible to remedy the problem and get us a usable, attractive, sturdy extension. We appreciate their willingness to go the extra mile with our project and do so in a professional, courteous manner.”
Della Stevens, Production Coordinator, Oakwood Baptist Church,
San Antonio, TX 

“From the initial meeting to the completion of our project your firm went above and beyond, within budget and on a difficult timetable. Your coordination efforts were incredible and you made us feel like we were a high priority.”
Kim Noblitt, Associate Pastor Of Worship Ministries, FBC Springdale AR

“Sherwood Baptist Church has the utmost respect for the team at PARAGON. They will provide you with quality solutions, the best customer service in the country and have a real heart for the church. They truly get it.”
Mark Willard, Worship Pastor, Sherwood Baptist Church, Albany GA

“I can safely say there is no such thing as a “B team” when it comes to your staff. To a person they were extremely knowledgeable, professional and respectful to every minister, staff person and lay person with whom they came into contact.”
Rich Nelson, Worship Pastor, Second Baptist Conway, AR

“Paragon is able to see it as a whole in their planning and everything. It goes way beyond the lighting goes way beyond the audio & visual. Everything they did for us in our sanctuary all ties in and it’s unified and its together and it’s beautiful. They are hands on, they work with you, they try to understand who you are, what you want and when they filter that thru their system they bring back exactly what you wanted.”
Patrick Mead, Pastor, First Southern Baptist Church, Bryant AR

“The complete renovation of our worship facility called for a complex solution encompassing all-new staging, lighting, audio and video. Paragon360 was the perfect fit for creating, designing and installing a seamless, integrated system. Members of the Paragon team worked together to create a finished product that has made an enormous improvement in the quality of our worship experience. We now have a cutting-edge worship center and we could not have done it without the experienced professionals at Paragon360.”
Don Lehman, Administrator, Grand Avenue Baptist Church, Ft. Smith AR

“Brawner & Associates went above and beyond with their design and technology to help us achieve the potential at our new Fayetteville Campus. Their flexibility and their desire to support our ministry over the last decade make’s the relationship highly satisfying.”
Dr. Ronnie Floyd, Pastor, Crosschurch

“The products that were built for this project by Paragon were pretty amazing. With our unique needs they went outside the box and brought us this Mezzanine solution which gives us a lot of space and limitless flexibility. It looks amazing, the tolerances it was built too are very high and it’s just beautiful construction. Everyone is marveling at the workmanship.”
Mark Alexander, Director Design Services, Bellevue Baptist Church

“When we moved into our renovated facility we were faced with a 50′ by 50′ empty studio. We contacted a number of vendors to help us develop a contemporary set for our local – Praise the Lord program. The call to PARAGON 360 was the right one and they were an absolute delight to work with from start to finish.”
Jonathan Rovetto, WWRS-TV-52, TBN

It just became really clear that this (Paragon 360) was who we needed to use. In fact, it was not so much them amongst others once I had experienced what they had shared with us, and just heard their heart and their vision. I was sold.”
Brian Stowe, Pastor, First Baptist Church Plant City

“Paragon has met every situation we have ever presented to them with a fresh creative perspective. Their professional staff are extremely easy to work with and frequently go above and beyond what is asked of them or expected. Paragon is always at the top of our list.”
Nicole Crank, Pastor, Faith Church, ST. Louis, MO

“We had a client that required a two million dollar plus sanctuary renovation, which included a replacement of the existing stage and an upgrade to the video and lighting system, all provided by PARAGON 360. This project was started in late spring with the work being completed during the summer. PARAGON 360 was critical to the success of the project and exceeded MG&A and the churches expectations. We look forward to working with them again in the near future.”
Rob Flaherty, Director of Construction Operations, MG&A

“Paragon stood out to us, when it came down to re-designing a portion of this room, it had to be done well and with great stewardship. Paragon rose to the top. The thing I love most about this team is that they don’t take a cookie cutter approach. They brought back a design that was breaking new ground for them and us. In the end is looks great but functionally it’s amazing.”
Mark Blair, Minister of Music, Bellevue Baptist Church

“Confident, creative, cool under pressure and committed to quality performances. That describes Donnie Brawner and his approach to every show he’s directed for us. Thanks for being such a strong partner to the Ranger family!”
David Sneed, Advertising Director, Ranger Boats

“I truly recommend their services to anyone. Rest assured that you will be working with people of great integrity, knowledge, and professionalism.”
Josh Moore, Worship Pastor, First Baptist Church, Lake St. Louis

“We are very pleased with the recommendations and the work done here. It works just as you said it would. It was a pleasure working with you and your entire staff of professionals. I only wish that we had known about your team nine years ago!”
Terry Nelson, AV Director, Michigan Conference of Seventh Day Adventist

“When preparing to design our new worship facility, we were looking for a company that could do it all: sound, lighting, stage design, video, sets & acoustics. Brawner and Associates not only met, but exceeded our expectations in all of these areas. They were crucial to the success of our project.”
Timothy Neptune, Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church Marco Island, FL

“We thank you…for this tremendous effort and very successful results of a brilliant show. Tourists continue to rave over this presentation and sing your high praises. Thanks for taking the time to give us and the crossings a nightly performance that people come to Mackinaw to watch.”
William R. Shepler, Sheplers Mackinac Island Ferry

“I’ve been impressed with your depth of technical knowledge and your ability to communicate your specialized designs with the owner representatives. The owner felt they could trust your recommendations and design. I know that we’re in good hands when we have your design team on board. Ittner appreciates the ability to work with Donnie Brawner as a team member in the design process.”
Carolyn Green, Architect, William B. Ittner Architectural

“What we saw was a team that wasn’t just focused on one area. Paragon brought all the comprehensive elements that you would need for sanctuary design which was very attractive to us. Paragon didn’t take a cookie cutter approach. They came in, did the site survey and really spent time to understand our staff; to talk to our pastor, to really get the pulse and heartbeat of what we were trying to do. The project felt customized.”
Michael K. Moore, Administrator, Faith Chapel Christian Center

“We could not be more satisfied with Paragon’s end product. Already after a few short weeks we see people excited to come to church. For the first time in years people are telling us that they are excited about inviting people to church because they are proud of this church and they see life in this church and their passionate about wanting to reach people now. It has ignited our church members to want to reach out to people and to do new ministry. It’s just phenomenal how our church has received it.”
Chad Smith, Worship Pastor, First Southern Baptist Church, Bryant AR

“PARAGON 360 is really able to think with the same mindset of those of us in ministry applications. Their understanding and experience of our somewhat unique niche in the production world gives me a sense of relief on a major project like this. When you trust someone, the project goes a lot smoother!”
Bryan Bailey, Media Director, Church At Pinnacle Hills

“We wouldn’t even consider a project like this without you and your team making sure everything is on target, on budget and on time. I know you didn’t have to go the extra distance, but you did. You have spoiled us!”
Denny Hilton, Hilton & Associates Entertainment Consulting

“These guys are a leading force in designing for churches “right.” Donnie and his group worked cooperatively with our church staff, listened and responded accordingly to our needs. The end result of their work will greatly enhance any worship environment or production. I highly recommend them to anyone serious about doing it ‘right’.”
Buster Pray, Associate Pastor Of Worship, Crossgates Baptist Church

“The proof of the quality of their work was shown in our first service. The new systems helped take us to a new level in our services. Our worship experience has been enhanced, our congregation participates more, and the mood is better because of the level of excellence of the presentation. I am so glad that we followed their recommendations and now I can’t imagine doing a service without the environment they helped create.”
Ritchie Miller, Pastor Avalon Church

“I have worked with Donnie Brawner on four major theatre projects and I would not do another one without him. His firm is readily available to their client, follow through with excellent results in a timely manner and make safety a top priority in their design. I trust them to provide me with educated and honest information I can count on.”
Gary Blaylock, Fine Arts Coordinator, Rockwood School District, St. Louis, MO

“Budgets are always an important part of any project & Paragon 360 was extremely helpful in showing us how to optimize ours. In the end, it was well worth it.”
Don Baier, Senior Pastor, Seminole Baptist, Springfield, MO

“I never dreamed that a hockey rink could be transformed into such a powerful production but you made it happen in Odessa Texas! They worked with my team in ways I’ve never seen. When an area of the show was going over budget, they went back to the drawing board and came up with an alternative that kept us alive. I think Donnie Brawner runs the finest design team I have worked with in my 37 years of ministry.”
Curtis Brewer, Minister Of Music, First Baptist Church Odessa Texas

“I would highly recommend Paragon 360 because of what they did for us, from the very beginning to the very end of the completed project. We feel like we’ve got a new team member.”
Trent Blackley, Minister of Music, First Baptist Rockwall, Rockwall, TX

“As creator-director of many live stage shows over the last 25 years, I can definitely recognize a skillful, artistically creative lighting designer when I see one, and Donnie Brawner is one of the best I’ve ever worked with. I really appreciate his dedication to understanding my creative desires, and then adding his own originality. He is a true collaborator.”
Michael Meece – Producer/Director, The Savannah Theatre

“Paragon 360 is the ONLY solution for my projects because of their dedication to seeing a project through to completion. Not only do they provide the highest quality services, but their work is a vital part of the TOTAL Audience experience!”
Greg Pierce, Vice President, Flagler Productions, Inc

“As of this year, the integrity, leadership and creative talents of Brawner & Associates has led us to hire Donnie and his team to oversee the management of the entire production.”
Cyndi Nine, Production Manager, Dallas Christmas Festival

“I appreciate your affect on our shows for the past several years. Even before you were contracted you taught us good stuff. Ron can feel the exact moment to move a light or fill in a space on stage without detracting from the story or action. I really like having your team at Bellevue. They are part of the family here.”
Mark Alexander, Director Design Services, Bellevue Baptist Church

“Paragon 360 opens up the door to possibilities. When they walk into a room, they see things you don’t and they find cost effective ways to make things happen. The possibilities are endless with Paragon.”
Mark Maier, Assoc Pastor Of Worship/Music, FBC Rogers AR

“The virtual lighting and sun study provided by Brawner has given us the confidence and knowledge we need to proceed unabated into this new form of church worship. We feel that Donnie has put us on a track of originality and creativity that is missing in many modern worship services.”
Josh Stanbery, Worship Pastor, The Church At Pinnacle Hills

“The relationship from start to finish has been exceptional. PARAGON 360 worked hand in hand with our church design team, architects, engineers, and general contractor to bring the project to completion, on budget and ahead of schedule with over a thousand miles between us.”
Timothy Neptune, Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church Marco Island, FL.

“Thank you for understanding how church works.”
Rich Nelson, Worship Pastor, Second Baptist Conway, AR

“Brawner always follows through with whatever they say, going the extra mile to ensure that we are satisfied with the final product. They are completely original, not taking the cookie-cutter approach to any of his work. We will definitely be using Donnie Brawner and Associates for our future development of sets and designs.”
Carl Setterlind, Pastor Of Music & Worship, Biltmore Baptist Church

“I deeply appreciate the opportunity in working with you and I respect the professionalism in which you provided to create a terrific piece of entertainment and something everyone is very proud of.”
Dean Unkefer, Special Promotions, Inc, Executive Producer

“You had a few suggestions for improving the overall lighting concept of our show, I had no idea how exciting these changes could be. Let me also thank you for being so professional on every aspect of this event, from the bidding process to the load in & setup to the actual show itself.”
Mary Ann Bybee, Executive Director, Miss Missouri Scholarship Program

“Your work, both in the initial pre-production and during the run was exemplary, and added a great deal to the show’s success. The example that you set in managing the myriad concerns and obstacles you were faced with, and your willingness to work to maintain a high level of communication with all parties was the epitome of professionalism.”
Peter Muste, Producer, Radio City Productions

“Our project with Brawner and Associates is one of the marquee projects for mg&a. The work provided by Brawner was first class and met and exceeded ours and the churches requirements in every case.”
Rob Flaherty, Director of Construction Operations, MG&A

“Paragon came in here and made some serious upgrades to our facility before we even got it open. My only regret with Paragon is that we did not use them for the design of the whole entire sanctuary.”
Mark Maier, Assoc Pastor Of Worship/Music, FBC Rogers AR

“The lighting glamorized each drop, the built scenery and the flow of the scene changes. Your timing with mood changes & musical score was excellent. The lighting of the Dallas Christmas Festival was simply the best I have seen in many, many years. In looking at the total production, you managed to tie it together with a very special artistic gift.”
Peter Wolf – President, Wolf Scenic Inc.

“When I saw Donnie’s work with various productions, I asked him to join our production design team for our new show. He worked closely in design with Jack Regis and myself to create a great product. We were very impressed with his level of technical knowledge, his creativity and his dedication to pleasing us.”
Louise Mandrell

“We had to clear the stage (again) for a Casting Crowns concert this weekend. As we are putting EVERYTHING under the mezzanine we are again commenting how incredible this stage is and how blessed we are to have it. Thanks again for ALL you did to make what we get to use, happen.”
Tony Morris, Production Director, Bellevue Baptist Church

“We use Donnie’s lighting to gain a more powerful & inspirational performance.”
Michael Meece, Director, The PROMISE