Inside The Design

Virtual Design for Theater, Auditorium, House of Worship

With virtual design tools you can see your stage lighting, theatre set design, corporate meeting stage, or hear your sanctuary sound system realistically displayed, early in the process. We use state-of-the-art equipment, lighting and audio software to create your vision in the virtual world to bring your concepts to life.

CADD & virtual design software is an invaluable tool for the illustration of intricate design concepts and allows us to produce conceptual drawings for our clients. As concepts evolve into real plans, things often change. CADD helps us keep up with this constant evolution. CADD drawings allow complex systems to be built with accuracy and precision, saving you money and time onsite. CADD is also used to create drawings for site construction and renovation, illustrating the layout and design of our systems to be used by contractors and engineers.

Our lighting-specific software allows us to work on design plans in a virtual 3D world. Controllable surfaces react as they would in the real world. Stages, sets, lighting positions and fixtures can all be built in this environment. With the ability to turn lights on within the program and see their realistic effect, we can guarantee precise and excellent results onsite, the first time.

In the old days, audio work was much more of a guessing game then it is today. With our virtual audio software we can model the design space, mix in specific audio equipment and positions with limitless acoustic options and find the perfect mix. Once the model is built we can swap out different equipment and acoustic scenarios allowing us multiple options for different budget ranges. We know what it will sound like before we ever order it. This allows us to offer true accountability to our clients.

We can also produce computer aided or hand drafted renderings and fly thru animations.  These items may be very useful as you work to promote your building or renovation plans. Our software systems include Auto CAD, 3ds Max, Revit, Vector Works, Ease, WYSIWYG, Cinema 4D and others.