Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a full sanctuary renovation cost?

Many diverse variables drive the cost of any renovation. It is impossible to determine a budget until we know: the performance level of AVL equipment required, material finishes, trim levels, obstacles to work around, size of the sanctuary, time constraints, and the amount of demolition and construction needed.

How long does a full sanctuary renovation take?

Following the necessary design work, on average we are able to renovate most sanctuaries within four to seven months depending upon: the amount of demolition work needed, fabrication time, whether we are altering ceilings and/or flooring, and whether the sanctuary will be occupied throughout the renovation process.

What does design-build mean and why is that your preferred method?

Design-build is simply a process whereby a single firm (Paragon 360) provides the client with the design work, a firm budget, the appropriate products, and the performance of work needed to deliver the project including commissioning and training. By giving the client what is in their best interest, the entire process goes much smoother. Being a design-build contractor, Paragon 360™ assumes accountability for quality, cost, and timelines. With Paragon 360™ it is on time, on budget, every time… guaranteed.

How is Paragon 360™ different than a typical AVL contractor?

Paragon’s aim is to be a ministry partner to help your church fulfill its mission; not simply provide equipment and push gear. For Paragon is not about equipment, its about creating an engaging environment.

How is Paragon 360™ different than a typical design only company?

Simply put – accountability. Good stewardship demands that what is designed must be: appropriate for the client, within their budget, and able to be implemented within a reasonable time frame. Paragon 360™ works diligently with our clients from the initial design all the way through training and the grand opening.

What brands of equipment do you sell? Is my system going to be designed around those brands only?

Our first priority is to make sure that we are creating the right environment to help the church achieve their goals. With over 250 dealership agreements, Paragon 360™ is certainly able to provide nearly any make, model, or brand of equipment to best fulfill those goals.

Is it going to cost more if we are hiring a company from Springfield, Missouri, as opposed to a local contractor?

Few local contractors are able to provide the turnkey solutions provided by Paragon 360™. We design and provide all systems (audio, video, lighting, and rigging), as well as the scenic and acoustic elements, in order to provide seamless integration of all elements, thereby providing a better all-around experience while saving time and money. Our client’s appreciate the accountability it offers, and find that these savings far outweigh the extra travel costs associated with hiring a national company.

Does Paragon 360™ also provide construction services?

Paragon 360™ is a design leader in church and corporate environment creation. We do not, however, provide general (electrical, plumbing, framing, structural, painting) construction services.

What is the design fee and why is it necessary?

In today’s high-tech church environments, it is absolutely critical that all systems and processes work seamlessly together. Audio, video, and lighting systems must work in concert with each other or the end result can spell disaster. Paragon’s teams of professional designers ensure that all critical elements are designed properly to achieve the highest standards of quality, professionalism, and safety and most importantly, meet the needs of our clients. Other firms who claim to not charge design fees are either burring the cost elsewhere or they are guessing with your money. Free design is worth what you pay for it. The initial design fee engages the Paragon 360™ team to begin creating your project.

I want to engage the services of Paragon 360™ for my organization… where do I start?

It all starts with a simple phone! Call our office today at (417) 823-7282.