Richard Heaton

Lighting Design & Commissioning

Richard Heaton has worked in theatrical production for over two decades, with many of those years in the Branson entertainment industry. Aside from eight years of experience as a Front of House Audio Engineer, Richard has 13 years of experience as a Lighting Director/Designer. Richard also spent a few years working as an installer of AVL systems for Sounds Great on various projects from amusement parks to retail establishments, theaters and churches.

Richard graduated from College of the Ozarks, obtaining a Bachelor of Science degree in Media Communications, with an emphasis in Audio and Broadcast Production, and has five years of Product Design experience in the manufacturing industry using various forms of CAD programs. His installation experience has gained him insight into overcoming the challenges of the construction environment, while his years of live production allow him to design systems with a real world working knowledge of how the systems need to perform.

Richard works as a lighting and scenic designer for Paragon 360™. His main responsibilities include design and development of lighting systems and scenic elements, creation of detailed drawings and commissioning, programming and training of lighting systems for clients in the field.