Logan Breedlove


Logan Breedlove joined the Paragon 360 Team in the Spring of 2018. As part of the Paragon 360 Installation Crew, he frequently travels to job sites throughout the nation, assisting with audio and lighting installations at every level. Logan’s AVL experience started during his teenage years, assisting with audio and lighting at James River Church in Springfield, Missouri, one of the largest churches in the Midwest, which eventually lead to a position as Front of House Audio Engineer. 

After serving on the Audio & Lighting Staff at James River Church, Logan moved to New Orleans to assist with AVL design and installation for church plant, for whom he also served as temporary Tech Director. Upon completing his duties in New Orleans, Logan returned to Springfield, Missouri, where he became heavily involved with the James River Church North Campus, serving as Front of House Audio Engineer. He has also served as the A2 and Monitor Assistant at large national events such as James River Church’s Designed For Life Women’s Conference, and the James River Church Stronger Men’s Conference.