Kevin Thomas

Project/Logistics Manager

Kevin Thomas was only six when he stepped onto a stage for the first time. His father, Jim Thomas, was one of the first producers of the Grand Ole Opry on the Road. In 1983 those Opry connections led the elder Thomas to be the first theater owner to bring Nashville recording stars to play Branson, Missouri.  He became one of the most successful theatre owners in the area.

Following his father into the industry, Kevin’s formal experience began in 1973 when he returned from military service to work in Branson, MO, as a musician, lighting engineer and audio engineer.  He spent five years as an actor and audio engineer at Shepherd of the Hills Outdoor Amphitheater. He went to college on the GI Bill where he performed in several theater productions. Those collective experiences led to speaking roles in two Hollywood studio features and from there Kevin went to Hollywood with a SAG card in 1981.

Over the next decade he expanded his industry knowledge working on numerous production jobs as a set builder & scenic painter, a Prop Master, an Art Director, and making hundreds of national and international TV commercials and film productions with many Academy Award winners.  Highlights from his diverse experience resume include:

  • Participation at every level of conceptualization, production, direction, design and placement of film, video, radio, printed media, corporate events, and live theatrical productions.
  • Live stage productions on numerous high profile indoor and outdoor events
  • All facets of live event production in both the front and back of house on both sides of the camera, on and off stage.
  • Creative production development and management
  • Contract management, budget development
  • Personnel supervision, Client relations, Public relations and Talent management
  • Logistics and scheduling encompassing every aspect of live and/or recorded for rebroadcast events on multiple and simultaneous projects and platforms
  • Produce and direct commercials & a TV pilot

Honing his management skills, Kevin has worked in positions such as the executive in charge of a 35,000 seat amphitheater, as the Producer/Director of variety and magic shows in Branson, and as GM at a theater in Davenport, IA, where he negotiated “A” list contracts with the likes of CAA, Wm Morris (at that time), and many other top agencies with extensive experience in producing large-scale events from concept to completion from “LA Live” to “The Waldorf Astoria” at sites all across the country.

Whether on tour or at fixed site facilities, Kevin knows all aspects of the live event production business thoroughly. As an event producer he has become familiar with audio, video, camera, EFX and lighting systems as well as the proper and professional management, program budgeting, and coordination of every aspect of production from pitch to post production. These experiences allow him to walk the walk with directors and electricians, executives, boards and commissions, agents, audiences and entertainers alike.

Most recently, Kevin was the Technical Director (TD) for a 9 city tour featuring such acts as Beck, Jackson Browne, Thurston Moore, and Patty Smith. He was also the TD for the past four Rose Bowl Kickoff Luncheons & Official ‘Tailgate’ Parties, and for the past 12 years he’s been a TD for the Grammy After Party at the LA Convention Center, a 6,000-attendee extravaganza produced by NARAS.

Kevin joined the Paragon 360™ team as an executive level Project Manager. Kevin manages the overall logistics for a multitude of Paragon’s projects that span the nation from corporate meetings, church projects, theatre construction, and amusement park work. He is the main point of contact for many projects, managing everything from schedules, transportation, crews, gear acquisition, and trade coordination.

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