Kelly O’Bryant


As the Purchasing Manager for Paragon 360®, Kelly O’Bryant, oversees the purchasing of all gear and components needed for each project. This includes all audio, video and lighting equipment, as well as staging, trussing, rigging and other gear. With over 300 vendor relationships around the globe, he works alongside the Paragon 360® Design and Installation teams to ensure that every project is provided with state-of-the-art cutting-edge systems and technology. Kelly was a recipient of the Paragon 360 WOW Award for Exceeding Expectations in 2016 for his work as Purchasing Manager.

In addition to his Purchasing Duties, Kelly also serves as the Marketing Manager for Paragon 360®, implementing all of the various marketing platforms and strategies used throughout the company. He writes and edits many of the articles and press releases for Paragon 360®, and oversees the design and maintenance of the Paragon 360® website. Kelly also serves as the administrator for all of Paragon 360’s social media outlets, and he is the point of contact for all outside media and corporate press inquiries. Additionally, Kelly serves as the coordinator for all of the various conferences that Paragon 360® attends across the country, and he supervises the logistics for all company video and photography projects.