Jonathan Davis


Jonathan Davis joined the Paragon 360 Team with a rich & varied background in the church AVL world. The son of a Worship Pastor, Jonathan grew up in a worship & church tech environment, and started assisting his Dad at the age of 10, learning everything associated with audio, video, and lighting at his church. Paragon 360 completed several projects at his church over several years, in which Jonathan was always involved in from the client/house side. This was the foundation for a great relationship between Jonathan and Paragon 360. 

With a decade of experience in church AVL, Jonathan is able to serve in all areas of our Installation Team. He has substantial experience working as a Front of House Audio Engineer for church youth events, summer camps, and special concerts & programs, and has worked in that capacity at churches throughout Southern Missouri. He has also been called on by many churches in the local area for lighting design and programming. 

In addition to his duties as an Installer, Jonathan also assists with Paragon 360’s FabriTRAK projects. His enthusiastic attitude, wide skill range, and hard work ethic will be a great contribution to our team and our clients, and are promising for a bright future with Paragon 360.