Jeff Meyer

3D Graphic Artist/Scenic Design

Jeff Meyer joined the Paragon 360 Team in the Fall of 2017, where he works with our scenic, architectural, and interior design departments to help create engaging environments, using a variety of software to create extremely high quality, photo-like 3D renderings and fly-through animations of interior spaces. He is also responsible for creating artwork and materials in coordination with the marketing department to be used in websites, social media, and advertisement work.

Born and raised in the St. Louis area, Jeff attended Sanford Brown College for Game Design. He then combined his knowledge of computers and passion for digital art to become a 3D Graphic Artist.

Jeff has a decade of experience as a 3D Graphic Artist, with a focus on modeling, animation, and rendering. Starting his career as a product designer, Jeff went on to provide graphic design services to clients around the world as a freelance artist. His work includes video games and television shows, and he also spent several years creating commercial and military airports for flight simulation training as a 3D Environment Artist with Flight Safety International.