Jay Lewis

ETCP Certified Rigger/Technician

Jay Lewis began his career working with the IATSE Local 31 in Kansas City, MO in 1988. Jay graduated from CMSU in 1992 with a BSBA in Management. He has been the call steward and union secretary for Local 31 and propmaster for Starlight Theatre and the State Ballet of Missouri for many years. Jay has traveled and set shows for Fern Exposition, Liberty Exposition, Image Technologies, Starlight Theater and the State Ballet. Jay started his professional rigging career in 1996 and has since rigged over 1,000 events in the greater Kansas City area.

Jay has also completed theater installs for O’Fallon High School Theatre and Blue Valley West schools in Olathe, Kansas. His experience also includes sound installations for the Sprint Center in Kansas City, corporate work with Nike, IBM, Mary Kay, Wal-Mart, InBev AB, Chevrolet, Ford, Cerner, Silpada, Sprint, and numerous others.

Jay first hooked up with Brawner & Associates/Paragon 360™ through Donnie Brawner in 1997 on Wal-Mart corporate meeting projects. Jay was officially added to the Paragon crew in 2001 and has been part of many projects with Paragon from theatrical installations to live event production work, rigging work, church installations and project management.

Paragon takes the rigging part of their projects very seriously as it relates to the safety of clients and their audiences. Jay is one of very few ETCP Certified Riggers in the United States. The intent of the rigging examinations is to evaluate and validate the knowledge and skill base of the upper third of riggers working in the entertainment industry. These positions typically involve the health and safety of technicians, performers, and audiences and require compliance with OSHA and other laws. Those who pass this rigorous test will become ETCP Certified Riggers and are recognized by industry professionals as the industry’s best.

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