Jared Hall

Video Installation Lead

Prior to joining Paragon 360™, Jared Hall spent seven years on the media staff at First & Calvary Presbyterian Church in Springfield, MO, ending his tenure as the Media Coordinator. While there, he was responsible for overseeing the media needs of the church. Much of that role included the acquisition, installation, and maintenance of audio and video systems, as well as training staff and ministry volunteers and evaluating the media needs of the church from a ministry perspective. It was there, as a client, that Jared first worked with Sounds Great/Paragon 360™.

While completing his B.A. at Drury University, Jared was the systems manager for DUTV—the on-campus television station. There, he was responsible for maintaining the production and studio equipment. This role also included working on the production team for season two of DUTV’s magazine music show “DU Uncut.” In addition to the campus station, season two aired on PBS affiliate stations in Springfield, Kansas City, Arkansas, and Oklahoma, as well as HEC-TV in St. Louis.

While on staff at DUTV, and then after graduation, Jared worked with DUTV faculty advisor Brian Shipman and Academy of Scholastic Broadcasting workshop director Dave Davis to create a broadcasting conference and competition for high school students and teachers, serving as the Event Coordinator for the first two years of the conference, and then as the Conference Director.

Today, Jared is the lead video installer responsible for the installation of video production and presentation hardware on Paragon 360™ projects. He works closely with Tony Bishop to ensure that video systems “as built” live up to the client’s expectations. Jared is a critical part of Paragon’s installation team.

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