Additional Installation and Fabrication Crews

The greatest asset of Paragon 360® is our staff, and that includes an incredible team of installers and fabricators!

One of the biggest advantages of Paragon 360® is that we do manufacturing and fabrication, in addition to installation. This equals better service for our clients. We can offer something that no one else can, because if we need something to make a particular scenario work… we just build it. This adds a new meaning to the word integration. Some companies say it, but Paragon 360® practices it!

Paragon 360® also relies on a multitude of freelance installers nationwide that we use to supplement our crews, depending on project needs, workloads and demanding schedules. This helps keep company overhead under control, allowing Paragon 360® to be competitive in the marketplace, while providing best in class professionals to guarantee your project’s success. Our systems are nothing if not built and installed to perfection.

Our fabrication team is made up of professional carpenters, welders, electricians, CNC operators, machinists and painters, along with project managers and quality control experts.

The Paragon 360® team has installed professional AVL systems and fabricated custom scenic and staging elements for projects of every size and scope in theatres, schools, churches, amusement parks, arenas, stadiums and retail establishments nationwide. Our installation/fabrication team come from all facets of the industry, with professional backgrounds and experience ranging from 10 to 35 years. We warranty our installation and fabrication, and our crew stands behind what we do at every level. Our teams are just another avenue that allow us to offer our clients 100% accountability from concept to design to completion.