Paragon 360 Employee Awards

Each year, a handful of our outstanding employees are chosen to receive awards from the leadership and staff of Paragon 360.

Our Employee of the Year Award began in 2014, and is the highest honor a member of the Paragon 360 Team can receive. The Employee of the Year Award is unique in the fact that the annual recipient of the award is not chosen by the leadership of Paragon 360, but rather by their fellow staff members via an annual anonymous survey that is distributed company-wide. 

Paragon 360 Employee of the Year Award Recipients:

2014 – Susan Wiles
2015 – Mark Coble
2016 – Clayton Avery
2017 – Ryan Cowen

In addition to our Employee of the Year Award, there are also a limited number of select staff members who receive our annual WOW Award for Exceeding Expectations. One of our key slogans at Paragon 360 is We Create WOW, and the recipients of our WOW award have done just that by going “above & beyond” and exceeding expectations in what they do.

Paragon 360 WOW Award for Exceeding Expectations Recipients:

2016 – Sandy McKee, Ron Robertson, Rich Nelms, Kelly O’Bryant, Jared Hall, Ryan Cowen

2017 – Susan Wiles, Richard Heaton, Robert Flagg, Jonathan DavisClayton Avery, David DeJonge, Tim Neptune