Clark Carter

Retail Sales Representative

Clark Carter was born and raised in Springfield, MO, and has been with Sounds Great for over 20 years.

Clark has been the retail manager since 1998. He has seen the store transition from the conventional music store to the largest, high-quality audio, video and lighting store in the state of Missouri. While over the years most of the large PA systems have been sold through the contracting division or through Paragon 360™, many large systems have come through Clark, via the storefront, including recording PA systems for the Country Music Artists, Alabama, and many others. He has seen many record-breaking years, including the glorious Branson days in the 90’s, where he helped service over 30 music theaters daily.

Today, Clark continues to keep the store up to date and on top of the latest in audio, video and lighting technology. His longstanding relationships with over 250 manufacturers, and the outstanding reputation built with the local southwest Missouri area, continues to keep Sounds Great on top of it all.

Clark also assists Paragon 360™ with the ordering of equipment for its projects, and acts as a liaison between the company, manufacturers, and our clients.