Chris Koenig

Production Manager

Chris Koenig is the Production Manager for Paragon 360, overseeing the design, coordination, and fabrication of Paragon 360’s custom scenic, staging, and architectural elements. He enjoys the challenge of figuring out how to create something that has not been made before and have it fit a specific function and aesthetic for a client. He has worked on projects across country for numerous notable clients, including Bass Pro Shops, Disney, Herschend Family Entertainment, Mercy Hospitals, Big Cedar Lodge, Cedar Fair Entertainment, Wonders of Wildlife, O’Reilly Green Circle Projects, and the Florida Aquarium.

Chris grew up farming in Northwest Missouri, where he learned to be resourceful and build and repair a wide variety of items. Throughout high school and college he worked construction and learned a variety of wood working and fabrication skills. Chris earned a Bachelor of Science in Geology with a minor in Chemistry from Missouri State University. After graduating he chose to combine his science education and construction background to pursue a career in corporate architecture. In the 25 plus years since then, Chris has continually transitioned from designer to project manager to manager as needed. In his role at Paragon 360, Chris works closely with the Design, Fabrication, and Installation teams, ensuring that our custom scenic and staging elements continually surpass our clients’ expectations.