Beau Bekemeier

Facility Design Specialist

Beau Bekemeier joined the Paragon 360® Family with 17 years in church ministry, and has extensive knowledge and understanding in the vision and purpose of the local church. He spent over a decade as Creative Director and Worship Leader at Calvary Church in Saint Louis, MO, and was involved in multiple facets of church leadership, design, production, and logistics.

Prior to his position at Calvary Church, Beau studied Graduate Cinematography at Regent University in Virginia Beach, Virginia. He also holds degrees in Religious Education and Video Communications from Missouri Baptist University in St. Louis. His past experience includes serving as Video Director at Atlantic Shores Church in Virginia Beach, Virginia, and as a Freelance Videographer for CBN, 3dmediaplus, Bass Pro Shops, Regent University, and Media Excelerations.

Beau is responsible for the scenic/staging design and environment creation on many of Paragon’s projects. A creative designer who loves using every medium possible to create engaging environments, Beau is passionate about great design and its implementation in facilities. As part of the Paragon 360® Design Team, he works hand-in-hand with our 3D Graphic Artists, AVL Systems Designers, and Executive Team to ensure that every environment created exceeds our clients’ expectations.