Austin Watt

3D Graphic Artist/Scenic Design

Austin Watt joined the ranks of Paragon 360 in the Summer of 2018, after receiving his Associate’s Degree in Arts from Northwest Arkansas Community College. As a member of the 3D Graphic Arts & Scenic Design Team, he assists with the creation and design of many of the state-of-the-art renderings used throughout the Paragon 360 process. His contributions to the team help cast the vision of clients around the nation, and ensure that each Paragon 360 project is supported with superb professional design imagery.

Austin has a strong background in creating assets for virtual reality military simulations, and has also spent considerable time in video game design and creation. His past experiences as a 3D artist earned Austin and his fellow team members a First Place Award in an International Video Game Design Competition that featured a civilian equivalent of military simulation software used by the U.S. Army.

Currently, Austin is completing studies towards earning his Bachelor of Science Degree in Animation from Missouri State University in Springfield, Missouri.